Our Coconut Farm


Fazenda Vale do Mangereba coconut plantation is one of Brazil's largest coconut farms, located in Paraiba.


The coconut farm complex has 2,700 hectares (6,671+ acres)

. 1,500 hectares planted with mature coconut trees (Hybrid seedlings have been imported from Ivory Coast).

. 500 hectares planted with young coconut trees (Seeds are being produced in Brazil through a joint initiative with the Brazilian Agricultural Research Association).

. 700 hectares consist of roads and a forest reservation (Protects river headwaters, riverbanks and streams that cross the land and provide irrigation water).


The planting of hybrid coconuts underpinned by the highest levels of quality and productivity in the world is the CocoSamba's unique competitive advantage.


Processing and Packaging


​With a factory in close proximity to the plantations, the coconut is processed immediately after harvesting, crucial in maintaining excellence. Continuous irrigation ensures a constant supply of high-quality raw material all year round.

 The Ultra High Temperature (UHT) sterilisation system and other modern facilities for processing and packaging coconut water in Tetra Pak cartons guarantee flavour and quality with a shelf-life of over 12 months.


Our greatest asset is the outstanding quality of our products, which made CocoSamba the premium coconut water from Brazil.